Zot van A boek

Ten years ago, we gave Antwerp back its pride with a superb logo and a line that united everyone. For a decade, we worked heart and soul for the city of Antwerp. At the end of this ten year period, Harry Demey, our CEO, wanted to recount this unique tale of urban communication in a book. The icing on the cake, as it were. 


In 'Zot van A’, Harry takes you behind the scenes of this EFFIE crowned case. He tells you about creative ideas, insights and strategies, and he inspires you with spicy anecdotes about his city and his profession. But most of all, in ‘Zot van A’, he shows how hard work and 10 years of chemistry between client and communication agency made the people of Antwerp fall in love with their city all over again.


Oh, you have already read ‘Zot van A’? Then tell Harry himself what you thought of his book on zotvanboek.be