YUN – The battle of bacteria


Acne is an important issue in the lives of many people. It influences their self-esteem and confidence and often has a large impact on people’s self-image. There are many anti-acne products on the market but most of them only have temporarily results. YUN, a revolutionary healthcare product, tackles acne with a whole new approach; the force of good bacteria. The bad bacteria are pushed back by reinforcing the body’s own good bacteria. YUN guarantees that infections and thus acne will significantly reduce after 4 weeks. But how to convince potential customers and their moms to go for this totally new method?


We developed a strong brand positioning and a go-to-market strategy for this new brand. We also decided that there are better ways to explain an unknown ground-breaking technique than listening to a dull scientist who uses expensive words on why YUN has proven undeniable effectiveness.  We chose a rather different approach: we made the battle of the good and the bad bacteria come to life, allowing people to witness what would happen if they would use Yun on their skin.