Research has shown that Belgians are paying 15% too much for their holiday. Travel companies make their package deals so complicated that they can’t be compared, and consumers are left confused. Sunweb, a provider of package deals is usually the cheapest (for the same holiday), but not every consumer is aware of that.



We built an online price comparison tool, Zondedju, to make consumers aware of this and to give them the best price for the holiday they want to book. By bringing an end to non-comparable and unclear prices, we help travellers to find the cheapest routes to the sun. And in 95% of cases, that does appear to be Sunweb.

“With this price comparison tool, we want to unmask the sometimes incorrect promises about the so-called lowest prices from other tour operators,” says Sofie Callewaert, Sunweb spokeswoman. “For over a year, the package holiday sector has been striving to offer the lowest prices. All the players have year-round discounts and promotions. But the market leaders, Thomas Cook and TUI, claim that they offer the lowest prices, when this is not so. Their offer is hardly transparent.”

ZONDEDJU! was launched with an open letter and several surprising TV commercials, the first two of which you’ll find here first. You’ll find the price comparison tool itself on