Special Olympics: Dare to play?

The story of how six mentally disabled athletes not only challenged six sports heroes, they also challenged the way the world looks at them. 


Social isolation is the number one problem for people with a mental disability. Playing Unified solves this. The problem is that sports clubs are afraid to include athletes with a mental disability. Thousands of special athletes are waiting for a spot in a team.


We let six unknown athletes with a mental disability boldly challenge six of Belgium’s most famous athletes. The requests were so bold and witty that they became an overnight hot topic on social media as well as over the following months when every Unified Game was played.



What started with six challenges managed to create a dialogue between thousands of people. They resulted in 55 million views and 3 million earned media. In the end, our efforts achieved eight partnerships with National Sports Federations. Now thousands of athletes will discover the joy of Playing Unified.