Kind en Gezin: Shrink for safety

We changed the way care providers look at safety measures.


If you have a child, you know all too well that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. That’s why preventive measures are so important in childcare. This seems logical. Except that experienced care providers don’t see it like that. The problem? Experience. People with experience tend to be less vigilant.


That’s why we changed the way they looked at safety measures. Literally. By using VR glasses we shrank their point of view from that of an adult to that of a toddler. We fed them, tucked them in and we even changed their nappies.


The VR video was viewed over 5,000 times with an average viewing time of 2 minutes 46 seconds. We didn’t just reach these 5,000 care providers, which is 30% of all care providers, we changed their view of safety.

(Watch the full VR-film below)


Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) is a governmental agency that works actively in 'Public Health, Welfare and Family’ policy area. This Flemish agency focuses on preventive treatment and guidance of young children geared to good outcomes in the future. They work hard to enable children to achieve their full developmental potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, with respect for diversity and children’s rights.


Kind en Gezin launched a new checklist for nurseries to help them check if their nursery is truly safe.
Because when you work in child care, creating a safe environment is a top priority.

The problem

The problem is experience. Why? Because when you’ve been in the business for a while, you think you know it all. 
So experienced care providers didn’t really feel the need for yet another checklist. We had to renew their interest and remind them why they started working in childcare in the first place.   

The Idea

We came with a modern take on safety videos: a virtual reality workshop. We created a VR-film that shrinks care providers to the size of a child and puts them in the middle of a nursery.  So for once they could see, what they may not see as an adult. They would come across dangers, big and small, but also across good examples of how to react in certain situations.

At the end of the film they got a questionnaire asking about what they would do differently. What they saw, or didn't see. Food for thought and a good conversation during the rest of the workshop.

The result

Experienced childcare providers learned a new way to look at their nursery. We handed out cardboard VR-glasses, so participants could spread the experience with colleagues. But most importantly,care providers rediscovered the importance of a simple checklist. Helping them keep their nursery a safe environment for children. 

Please watch the full movie using an Oculus or a cardboard. Headphones improve the experience.
Ready to become a child again?

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