Devos Lemmens – Say it with Devos & Lemmens


In a period of feasting and family get-togethers, the sauce makers Devos & Lemmens wanted to earn ‘their seat’ at every Belgian’s table and make sure that there would be no table set without a pot of Devos & Lemmens.


We know Belgians are not the most emotional of people. And, if any, Christmas time is the time of year to express our love for the people around us. We knew were not going to change the Belgians – they would not suddenly say ‘I love you’ out loud (imagine). But we could let Devos & Lemmens facilitate the Belgians in showing their affection. By giving the people tips and tricks to show they care, like giving the best piece of meat, offering the last croquette or passing the Devos & Lemmens sauce. In all touch points we helped our audience to spread the love in this festive time. Not only with our famous radio format but also in television, social and even in point of sales.