We are busy, busier, busiest. We race against the clock and often enough don’t even win the race. We are on the go all day long and are inundated with all sorts of noises.    

And sometimes all this hustle and bustle simply becomes a bit too much.  

It’s moments like those that make you appreciate driving the new Opel Mokka with its whisper diesel engine and luxurious leather interior, so you can recover in complete silence and comfort from a hectic morning or busy workday.  

LDV United has created a radio campaign for Opel to draw attention to these Mokka features. The commercials are loaded with annoying noises, though no sound effects are used. Children screaming for attention, a phone ringing, colleagues all shouting at the same time, the boss driving you to distraction… But as soon as you get into your Opel Mokka, all this commotion fades away. The only thing you still hear is the soft crunch of the leather interior. Sheer bliss.


Click here for the Dutch press release.

Click here for the French press release.