After a pitch between FamousGrey, LDV United and incumbent agency Darwin BBDO, CM (Christian Mutuality medical insurance) has awarded its account to LDV United.

For the pitch, the agencies were asked to provide a strategic evaluation of the challenges that CM will face over the next few years, and to express that creatively. LDV United laid out a clear brand story which goes back to the roots of the Mutuality.

The brand story will be translated into a communication strategy which will make CM more relevant and distinctive. The partnership will start in August 2017.

Nico Sablon (CM) says, “CM recognises the challenge of fulfilling its role as a health fund and communicating honestly with its members and the general public. In addition, it is crucial to maintain and strengthen the consistency of our communication. We believe that LDV will be of great value to us in this regard, mainly because of their strategic insight, but also thanks to their hands-on approach and expertise.”