Devos Lemmens is celebrating its 130th birthday. That’s why LDV United and Devos Lemmens put their forces together to launch a unique series of limited edition jars.

We decided to give the classic mayonnaise jars a new coat. Because that’s where it all started for Belgians. It’s the flavour that made Devos Lemmens big, and it’s the jar which graces the table in every Belgian household, because Devos Lemmens mayonnaise is the definition of what mayonnaise needs to be for Belgians.

Devos Lemmens was founded in 1886 in Antwerp by, you guessed, Henri Devos and his wife Elisabeth Lemmens. Devos and Lemmens had a butchery but they specialised in the preparation of condiments and sauces. Now, 130 years later, Devos Lemmens is one of the most iconic brands in Belgian food culture. A crowd favourite, the mayonnaise is still made using the original recipe.

The Limited Edition Party Packaging takes the customers back to six iconic eras in Devos Lemmens’ history. The message? Devos Lemmens has brought its unique flavour and quality to the Belgian table since for ever. During the festive season, the packaging will be available in supermarkets. Yes, Devos Lemmens, that’s the one.