Het Nieuwsblad recently won the hearts of all cyclist with "Cycle racing is ours”. In light of the Jupiler Pro League playoffs, today the newspaper is making a bold statement about football: football is more than a sideshow.

The new slogan takes its inspiration from a quote by none other than Johan Cruyff: “Football is the most important sideshow in the world.” Not so, thought LDV United and Het Nieuwsblad. And they prove it with three great stories. Stories which show that football is far more than an excuse for guys to get together for a beer on a Saturday night.

No. In Catalonia, football is a cure for an ageing population. It ended the civil war in Côte d’Ivoire in 2007. And last summer, football even made the traffic jams on the E40 disappear.

The stories are told in three 50 second radio commercials, a 40 second TV commercial and in two print ads.

Click here for the Dutch press release.

Click here for the French press release.

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