It’s already been a few months since we got carried away in the Heizel Expo halls by all things beautiful at the Brussels Motor Show.   

That’s when Opel made the important decision to pay just as much attention to what was outside, on the car park: your old car. So together with its communication consultants LDV United, the German make re-launched “The Best Offer”, a trump card they still play today.   

After all, 70% of people who buy a new car want to get rid of their old one. That is often not an easy task, especially if they also want to get a decent price for it. In light of their well-known basic strategy to make classy German cars affordable, Opel is making a Best Offer to all drivers. This means they always get an excellent price for their old car when they trade it in.   

But a strong financial enticement is not always enough. Sometimes money does not really bring happiness. Because for a lot of  people, saying good-bye to their faithful old car sometimes better known as “Guzzler”, “T0ot-Toot” or simply “Tiffany” is too difficult emotionally. There too, Opel is making a notably fine gesture with “The Best Offer for your peace of mind”     

This second, emotional component of the campaign was devised by LDV United to underpin the tactical part with a sample of digital storytelling.   

In the coming weeks everyone can share his or her story and explain why they are so attached to their car via Opel is happy to help people let go and makes the parting more bearable through The Best Offer, so now for your peace of mind too.
As a result, you can use your head and your heart to pick out your brand new Opel.   

In a striking short film, we see how such an emotional offer can turn out. The story was given the title “Reincarnation: the rebirth of an old car”. Via this call to action film, Opel asks car owners to share their memories with them. It is the forerunner of several saying goodbye projects.  

You can watch Reincarnation here and now. Would you like to discover other tales or would you like to soothe your feelings so you can let go of your old car?  

Then surf to and vent your emotions. It’ll do you good. 

Click here for the Dutch press release.

Click here for the French press release.