Last year, Het Nieuwsblad and LDV United made a strong statement with ‘Cycle racing is ours’. And this patriotic line appears once again in a new campaign in 2015. Because although Belgians won less last year, it's still the Belgians who make racing. In the peloton as well as alongside the road.

And Het Nieuwsblad is still the newspaper that works hardest with them. With its expertise, racing coverage and even its own race (Omloop Het Nieuwsblad), time after time it positions itself as the newspaper of choice.

Reason enough to put some power behind ‘Cycle racing is ours’. That’s why Het Nieuwsblad and LDV United went in search of the source of Belgian cycling success. What makes racing part of our character and makes our riders so tough? In other words, why do we believe in the future of Belgian cycle racing? The answer is typical of our small country.

You’ll find it in a campaign which appears across strong press ads, TV and radio commercials.

One thing is for sure. You’ll think twice in future before you curse that damned Belgian rain and bad roads.


Click here for the Dutch press release. 

Click here for the French press release.