Following the thought-provoking print campaign for the Special Olympics, Kevin De Bruyne, Special Olympics Belgium, and LDV United have a new goal. Not only do they hope to break the taboo around athletes with intellectual disabilities, but they also want to make lasting change. Kevin De Bruyne is calling for a platform for athletes with intellectual disabilities by creating a new trophy at the 2014 Sportgala.

Special Olympian of the Year.

Each year, the Belgian sports world honors its top members during the Sportgala. Traditionally, there are trophies awarded in six different categories: Sportsman, Sportswoman, Most Promising, Coach, Team, and Paralympian of the Year.

There is one notable omission: Special Olympian of the Year. Why the empty stage at the Sports Gala for athletes with intellectual disabilities? De Bruyne believes it is time for a new trophy to be awarded during the 2014 Sportgala—a trophy that rewards athletes with intellectual disabilities for their performance.

On Kevin De Bruyne asks for your help. By liking and sharing his video, you can help ensure that a Special Olympian will take the stage of the Sportgala in December. And not only in 2014, but as an annual event, so that we can continue to break the taboo around athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Because a great performance deserves a great audience. And a big stage. 

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