Following the TV commercial which raised awareness amongst parents that they should get their babies to move more, LDV and Kind & Gezin launched their new ‘Babybeweging’ app. This app is the latest part of the ‘Babies who move are a step ahead’ campaign.

Young parents take lots of photos of their little ones. Photos for the future. But also photos to share on Facebook or Instagram now. The ‘Babybeweging’ app makes sharing your baby’s photos even more fun. Because the app allows your moving baby to move even more thanks to cool illustrations that you can add to the photo. So you can change your little hero into a fearless sailor, adventurer or circus performer. All the moving babies photos are gathered together under the hashtag #babybeweging.

 What’s more, all the photos on #babybeweging have the chance of becoming the cover photo of the ‘Beweeg mee’ (Move with us) CD which comes out this autumn. All the classic nursery rhymes are on this unique Kind & Gezin CD. Only they’re not so classic any more, they’ve been given a ‘movement makeover’. The CD, which includes contributions from Axl Peleman, Wim Opbrouck and Frank Vander linden, will be available for Flemish households from mid-September.

 Do you want your baby to be the cover baby of the ‘Beweeg mee’-CD? Then download the ‘Babybeweging’ app from the App Store or go to the Kind & Gezin Facebook page, pimp a cute photo of your baby and share it with hashtag #babybeweging. Because babies who move are a step ahead.