‘They only play for the money’ or ‘In the past, footballers were real geezers’. Not everyone is enthusiastic about modern football.

Because football has changed. It’s not the same game it was even 20 years ago. Both Het Nieuwsblad and LDV United realise that. With their new campaign, ‘Passion for football’, they make the most of this.

In the campaign, we hear a sports journalist musing about football in the old days. As if everything was better. Not so. Because although football has really changed, the passion for the game hasn’t. Football remains the most important sideshow in life. And Het Nieuwsblad makes this a clear priority.

The ‘Passion for football’ campaign puts the Football Guide in the spotlight. In addition, the campaign boosts Het Nieuwsblad’s image as the sports newspaper.

You’ll find the Football Guide with everything about the new football season free in Het Nieuwsblad on 19/07.

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