Every summer, ‘Indevuilbak’ (the cooperative platform between OVAM [Public Waste Agency of Flanders] and Fost Plus) highlights the problem of litter. Because, sadly, litter is still a problem. Cans, chewing gum, cigarette butts and other litter are still part of the urban landscape.

This year, ‘Indevuilbak’ launched the “Een propere buurt is een plezantere buurt” (A clean neighbourhood is a more pleasant neighbourhood) campaign. Through this, we wanted to create a sense of shared responsibility in a positive way. Places which are clean are not only more pleasant, they’re less at risk from litter. Because where there isn’t any litter, people are reluctant to be the first to drop any.

The campaign consists of posters, radio commercials and window posters. The main posters will appear in places where litter is a major problem, such as on the streets, at bus shelters, next to motorways, etc.

In addition, the radio commercials use humour to encourage people to throw their litter in the bin. Motorists are an important target market, and they will be encouraged by the posters and radio not to throw litter from their car windows.

Anyone can join the campaign for a clean neighbourhood by hanging a poster in their windows. The window posters will be included in the July 27th edition of De Zondag, but they are also available via the official distribution channels of all the Flemish municipalities. Anyone who wants a personalised version can go to indevuilbak.be

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