More and more 0 to 3 year olds are overweight. And according to Kind & Gezin, the reason for this is that babies simply aren’t getting enough exercise. The Flemish public health, welfare and family agency wants to change all that by offering parents simple tips to get their kids moving. Because those who do are a step ahead.

LDV United therefore got to work and developed an awareness campaign that would put the problem in the spotlight. The TV ad shows a typical day in the life of a baby: his parents move him from one place to another in a maxi-cosi, a car seat or stroller. Without the baby ever actually having to move himself. In so doing, the ad points out to parents that, even though they might have spend the whole day moving about, it doesn’t mean their child has. 

A range of other promotional materials reinforce the TV ad’s message including posters and floor stickers for use at gynaecologists, childcare and support centres. The posters playful convey the importance of exercising with your baby. The floor stickers, on the other hand, form a game that challenges kids from 0 to 3 to get moving.

For more info and tips for parents on how to get your baby moving, take a look at

The campaign will be extended in autumn with a fun support tool designed to encourage kids to move even more.


1. Just because you move a lot with your baby, doesn’t mean your baby gets to move a lot.

2. Discover our baby exercise tips on

3. Babies on the move are a step ahead.



You can find the dutch press release here. 

You can find the french press release here.