As a university, UAntwerp is a global player in scientific research. The research that the professors and their students carry out today will determine the future for all of us.

Genetic research into Alzheimer’s disease, the optimisation of cochlear implants, big data research to combat cyber-paedophilia and fighting cancer are just some of the breathtaking subjects that UAntwerp is working on. And as a student, you can be part of it.

In brief, anyone who studies at UAntwerp is working not only for themselves, they’re also working for the future.

To tell prospective students about this, LDV United created a high profile print campaign, a website and 4 haunting cinema commercials, which were also placed online. The gripping stories of 4 leading players who are an inspiration to students aspiring to join UAntwerp and determine the future.

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You can find the dutch press release here

You can find the french press release here