The new cycling season’s spring classics are on their way. A time we eagerly look forward to as good Belgians. Because that’s our moment. Cycle racing is our thing. A sport which we’ve dominated for decades. And because, unlike other nationalities, we Belgians don’t like to boast, LDV United has created a strong message for Het Nieuwsblad: "Cycle racing is ours."

Because cycle racing is the sport of the people, and we Belgians excel at it as a nation.

If there’s one paper that can make this statement, it’s Het Nieuwsblad. With its expertise, commitment, and even its own race (Omloop Het Nieuwsblad), time and again it has proved to be the No. 1 newspaper in cycling.

Supported by powerful TV and radio spots, "Cycle racing is ours" will make us Belgians keen and eager for the new cycling season.