Organising your own childcare business means more than just liking children. And starting a business isn’t child’s play either. That’s why LDV United created a digital platform for Kind en Gezin: the Starterswijzer (Starter’s guide).

This online tool helps start-up companies with their business plan: from the educational aspect right up to financial and organisational management. It’s a handy guide which paints a realistic picture of all that’s involved in organising childcare.


Tine, the online coach.

As a starter in childcare, you receive a lot of information and  paperwork. Tine, Starterswijzer’s online coach, ensures that everything is clear and manageable. All the necessary decisions are taken and every item on the to do list is checked off one by one. Every starter can prepare their successful launch at their own pace. So they’re not on their own.

 Kind en Gezin’s Starterswijzer is not only for beginners. It’s a major simplification of the process, which also makes it a handy working tool even for experienced childcare organisations.

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