Young children sit still far too much. Kind en Gezin wants to encourage parents to exercise more with their babies. To achieve this, LDV United created the ‘Babies who move are a step ahead’ campaign. Following the TV commercial and the mobile phone app, there’s now a third element in the campaign, the Beweeg-mee (Move with us) CD.

Kortjakje is never sick.

For the Beweeg-mee CD, popular nursery rhymes have been given a new twist. A positive spin. Because many of our nursery rhymes don’t really cheer us up: Kortjakje is always sick, the little bird is captured and the ten little fish all die one by one.

Working with Frank Vander linden, the lyrics of the negative nursery rhymes were rewritten. Where the original versions ended badly, there is now a happy outcome because the main characters kept moving. So Kortjakje is no longer sick and the little bird flies freely around. It wasn’t just the lyrics which were revisited. Axl Peleman and Ron Reuman created completely new arrangements. The vocals were provided by Wim Opbrouck, Els Dottermans and Axl Peleman, amongst others.

So Kind en Gezin has made the very first CD solely with positive nursery rhymes for parents and their children to move to. Parents are given the Beweeg-mee CD at the Kind en Gezin consultations, or they can order them free from, where they can also download the songs.

* ‘Altijd is Kortjakje ziek’ is a traditional Dutch nursery rhyme about a poor girl who is always ill.