In the spring of 2015, Opel Belgium made a financial offer to people who wanted to trade in their old car for a new Opel. A tactical message for a very emotional decision. We know that a lot of car owners find it difficult letting their old car go. Their car has always been there and has lived through so many stories. And as long as these people continue to hold on to their car, the financial offer has no value at all.



Alongside to the financial offer, we created a campaign featuring an ‘emotional compensation’. We created a long-term online content campaign, running from January until the end of July. In a film, we told the story of a young guy giving his Kadett a second life. The website gave Opel owners the chance to upload their own story and get their emotional compensation. Opel taught a 6 year old to drive his dad’s Opel, and gave a salute to the sound of another Opel on national radio. The campaign ran for more than 5 months in total.