Sometimes the perfect urban car is a bike.

At the start of 2013 Opel launched a new, extremely customisable city car: the Opel ADAM. No easy challenge given the strong competition in this segment. So we decided to tell a slightly different story than the rest. A story that begins with a bike.

With one-way streets, car free zones and traffic jams becoming the rule rather than the exception in cities, cars and cities are simply not the best combination these days. Which is why we designed an option that reconciles the difficult marriage between cars and cities and gives an answer to the needs of trendy citizens.

Discover the ADAM fix. A fixed gear bike, specially designed to fit with your Opel ADAM. The fully customised bike adapts itself to your specific car configuration. Choose a powerful engine: you get a bike with a racing wheel. Go for flashy rims: your bike follows suit. Want to compose your own ADAM? You can do that here

We hired a team of experts to get the basic frame design of the ADAM fix just right. We documented each step of the process - from technical drawings to the finished product - in a series of webisodes. The on-going documentary quickly got the attention of designers and hipsters around the world from Brussels to New York and Singapore to London.

The car and bike combo was also on show at the Brussels Auto Expo, grabbing a lot of attention both at the Expo and in the press. The ADAM & ADAM Fix concept was further spread through outdoor posters, TV commercials, a mini site a pop-up store and on Facebook.