Mooimakers - Used pack shots


Nobody likes litter along the road or in public spaces, which consists for a large amount of empty soda bottles and cans. Ironically, lots of public billboards are used to advertise the same bottles and cans by showing refreshing packshots. Mooimakers, a public organization with governmental support that strives against littering, wants to convince people to stop throwing garbage in public spaces. Unfortunately, the motivation to pay attention to anti-littering campaigns is still rather low.


We got the interest of the audience by simply doing what the others do: we used packshots. Introducing: ‘The Used Packshots’. And to ensure our campaign would get enough attention, we partnered up with the big fast-movers: Coca-Cola, Unilever and Spa. We asked them to share their reach for the sake of the anti-littering message. Then we created spin-offs of the original soda print campaigns: adapting the headlines, and displaying our posters right behind the original ones. That way, we urged people to throw their empties into the rubbish bin.

The campaign was soon noticed by other big players who wanted to cooperate and consequently new brands joined the anti-litter movement. What started off as a regional campaign, evolved into a national story supported by three extra partnerships with Belgium’s major beer brands: Maes, Gordon and Jupiler.