With the new school year on its way, the city of Antwerp was keen on launching a new Merci campaign  - saying thank you to drivers for slowing down near schools. And who better than Antwerp kids themselves - the most vulnerable road users - to get the message across?  

And so hundreds of children from 45 different Antwerp schools did the creation for the new Merci campaign – quite literally. From the end of August until the end of September no less than 713 drawings were used as posters, each billboard a unique piece. To maximise the effect, the posters hung in the vicinity of the school at which it was made. 

This campaign is the latest edition in a nice series of Merci campaigns. Each time the city of Antwerp asks drivers to limit their speed around schools, playgrounds, sports clubs and residential areas. In other words, everywhere a child should walk, play and run without running risks.

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