Kind en Gezin has been fulfilling its role as a guardian for children’s health for more than a century now. And over the years the organisation has approached its task with increasing professionalism. However, with that greater professionalism came the widespread misconception of an institution that sought to control young families. Young parents started to develop mixed feelings about the 'interference' of Kind en Gezin in the care and upbringing of their child. Instead of being the organisation that stood by parents, Kind en Gezin was perceived more and more like the 'child police': checking up on and even reprimanding parents, whenever they felt it necessary.  

A new communication strategy and a rebranding were called for to redirect the brand image. 

The whole process of change revolved around the concept of ‘empowerment’. Far from interfering with young parents, Kind en Gezin had to be seen as an organisation that empowers and supports these parents. So they can raise their kids with confidence into healthy and fun-loving children. And because empowerment starts from within, we first focused on the people who work for Kind en Gezin. We made a brand bible, including a new vision and mission statement, as well as new values through which they had to think and act. During multiple sessions with the employees we explained every aspect of the new brand vision, mission and values. Soon enough, these values became readily accepted and adopted as part of the new brand culture.

Simultaneously we worked on Kind and Gezin's corporate identity. The corporate identity had to translate the new brand strategy and at the same time reflect the substantive changes that were taking place within the organisation. We created a new logo, warmer and more accessible than the old, rather strict-looking logo. With the new logo also came a new visual style with soft pastels, a rounded font and a new graphic style (icons, graphic elements). Powerful photos replaced childish drawings, making the publications not only more personal, but also more grown-up. Last but definitely not least, we helped Kind en Gezin find the right tone of voice with which to approach their public: informative and supportive at the same time, without ever becoming pedantic.

As a result, Kind en Gezin has radically shifted its position. It is no longer received as standing above young parents, but alongside them, as a supportive partner in the incredible journey of parenthood.