Kind en Gezin – Breastfeeding extras


Breastfeeding has always been one of the most beautiful and natural things in the world. But things have changed. More and more breastfeeding mothers receive complaints for their “indecent behaviour” and are being sent away from restaurants, parks and shops. Forced to breastfeed their babies behind closed doors or even in toilets. Kind en Gezin wants to counter this trend and make breastfeeding commonplace again.


How to change the public opinion of an entire nation on breastfeeding in public with 0 euro media budget? By sneaking into popular culture via a much beloved medium: television. To do so, we created a casting agency for Breastfeeding Extras. Breastfeeding Extras are just like any other extras, except that while they’re acting, they’re breastfeeding their babies.

To launch our special breastfeeding casting agency, we asked the support of several influencer moms and invited journalists to join the casting days. The press loved the surprise and so our Breastfeeding Extras received press attention worth a whopping €425 and, more importantly, a reach of 11,7 million people. A reach that will continue to grow episode by episode.