Waste belongs in the trash bin. Everyone knows that. Yet it’s not that obvious. Because when there is no trash bin around, we still want to get rid of it as fast as we can. And that’s where litter comes from. Yuck.

“95 percent of the population gets annoyed about litter –

but 25 percent of us cheerfully dump litter in public areas.”

- Hajo Beekman -

That is why Ovam, Fost Plus and LDV United are inspiring us with alternative waste disposal sites. Like your handbag, your car or your briefcase. In a series of three pictures and the same number of radio commercials, people are encouraged to simply hold on to their waste. Until they get to a trash bin. A seemingly minor deed but with big results. The photography has been done by Tom Joye, who with a composed style cleanly sheds light on a dirty issue. Besides the conventional section, there is a digital section and the campaign opens with a PR narrative. In it, Hajo Beeckman shares his view on litter, online and on the radio.

In the second half of July, the campaign continues with AWV (Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic) billboards along the motorways. Instead of just communicating a message, they will be put to actual use.  How?  By indicating the distance to the next trash bin. They encourage you to keep your litter in the car until you arrive at the trash bin. Sounds simple. But a whole lot of planning has gone into this.

Finally, our promo teams will distribute another handy tool.  A trendy carrier bag that looks like a trash bin, but has a separate compartment inside for your waste.

Like this, everyone has a good excuse to create a mess. And together we can make sure that our streets remain clean.