Het Nieuwsblad: A new generation goes for glory

The race is ours, the race is young.


With Het Nieuwsblad, we’ve been claiming cycling for several years using ‘The race is ours’. An approach which has borne fruit. Except, the youth got left behind. Research carried out by Het Nieuwsblad showed that 60% of young Flemish people have virtually no interests in cycling.


Our answer? We made the new generation of riders and their route to the top (the six o’clock alarm, the blood tests, pasta three times a day) the spearhead of our campaign with ‘A new generation goes for glory’.


The film had an organic reach of 270,000. Individual sales increased by 21,000 copies that weekend. But better still, we opened the conversation about whether cycling is still a sport of today and what could persuade young people to watch it. Studio Brussel, Radio 1, Sporza and de Ideale Wereld caught onto the theme.