Opel - Happy Father's Day

This year Opel wanted to celebrate Father’s Day in a slightly different way. That’s why we created a fun movie of a man, his 3 children and his car. The movie shows a series of recognizable situations in which the children aren’t really careful with dad’s car. Although the father clearly doesn’t like what happens to his beloved car, he remains calm all the time. Because a real father always loves his children more than he loves his car. (Well, most of the time).

Paralympics - 24/7 Athletes

“Training doesn’t start at nine”. Not for Paralympic athletes at least. It doesn’t start in the gym, on a race track or in the pool. Training is always and everywhere. Because when you’re disabled everything becomes a struggle but also an opportunity to become stronger. This film shows daily routines of Belgian Paralympic athlete’s. It shows how daily life and training fades into one.

Special olympics - Dare to play

We let six Special Olympians directly and personally challenge 7 Belgian famous athletes to Play Unified. The requests were so bold that every athlete shared it on their social media. We pressured them to take on the challenge, hoping the public wouldjoin us. And they did. So within 24 hours all 7 athletes accepted the challenge with a personal message of their own. But more importantly, within 24 hours we got the attention of the whole Belgian sportive community. It set in motion a large scale conversation across all media platforms and activated Belgian people to try it.

Special olympics - Surprise Selection

We hijacked a much anticipated press event to put the spotlight on Play Unified, a concept totally unknown in Belgium. September 30th: 50 journalists are ready for the official press conference for the selection of the Belgian soccer team. National Coach Martinez reads the names of the players; but then adds unannounced 8 unknown players to the team. Those of athletes with a mental disability.   Result? Immediate massive press and public attention, 4 days long. Launching #playunified with a reach of 30 million, and 2 million earned media. And importantly, a whole new perspective on athletes with a mental disability.