and het Vlaams Poëziecentrum: Emojipoetry

We used the power of emoji to spread the word about words.


We have an unhealthy obsession with emojis (yes, you do too, admit it). Even worse, 70% of youngsters under 25 prefer using emojis to text for expressing their emotions. Although we write more than ever, it seems we write worse than ever.


On February 26th, national poetry day, we used the power of emojis to spread the word about words.

We decided to fight emojis on their own territory: the smartphone. We translated 89 emojis into something truly emotional, a poem. You simply sent our bot an emoji and he answered with a poem.


Thanks to a smart PR approach we got coverage in every national newspaper. Online and offline.

  • Our campaign got covered on national radio and in every national newspaper, on- and offline.
  • With a media budget of only €400, we got 140,000 unique visitors and an overall reach of 7 million.
  • More importantly, 46% of these unique visitors were boys and girls between 18 and 24 years old.