Brugge Kaas is a well-known cheese brand with a wide range of products. Unfortunately, Belgian consumers only know them for one product, their mature cheese ‘Brugge Oud’. On top of this, people tend to see Brugge Kaas as an old-fashioned and out-dated brand. So our challenge was to raise awareness of their wide range and to rejuvenate the brand.



Choosing cheese in the supermarket is no easy matter. There are so many brands and so many varieties. We all know that moment of decision in the supermarket, where you are just completely paralysed by the fear of choosing. That’s why we created the line, ‘Brugge Kaas, the right cheese is quickly chosen’. We simply eliminated those painful and stressful moments in front of the cheese counter by telling people that any Brugge Kaas product is obviously the right choice.