Fighting a qualitative misperception with a complete TV series.

You've just graduated from high school. And you are about to embark for higher education. You stand before a choice that determines your future. With so much at stake, only the best universities are good enough. 

But that's exactly where the problem lies. Despite its word-class education programmes, UAntwerp isn't seen as a qualitative university.

To counter that misperception, we decided to rake a radical approach to putting UAntwerp's strength - science education - well and truly in the spotlight. In doing so, we focused on what studying science at the University of Antwerp could lead to. Not by telling young students, but by showing them. 

Welcome to 'Behind The Science': the first Belgian documentary to air on National Geographic Channel. This unique series zooms in on five scientific domains in which the University of Antwerp is the world leader. An exciting way of recruiting new students and strongly positioning the university. Behind The Science was aired in Flanders and the Netherlands

 The results were striking. The media budget was tripled, 700.000 viewers watched the complete series and we had 34% more visitors to application.

Take a look.